Fallstudien zum Internationalen Management


Module description:



This course is only for students of the bachelor program “International Business Studies”.

The seminar deals with the internationalization of firms located in the Nürnberg Metropolitan Region. The students will work on case studies, evaluate internal and external factors, influencing decision making processes within the firms, and develop solutions to specific problems. The results will be presented in English.




will be announced in the first session


Course Frequency:

Winter term (WS)


24.10.2017, 16:45 – 18:15, Kick-off, room 0.224
24.11.2017. 16:45 – 22:00, 1st presentation, room 0.224
12.01.2018, 11:45 – 17:00, 2nd presentation, room 0.224
01.02.2018, 12:00, paper submission via E-Mail


Exact time for each group will be issued after kick-off.
16.11.2017, 11:00 – 17:00, 1st presentation, room 5.212
14.12.2017, 11:00 – 17:00, 2nd presentation, room 5.212
25.01.2018, 11:00 – 17:00, paper submission, room 5.212

Admission Regulations:

Registration via StudOn for IBS-students only. The course on StudOn can be found here.

Moreover, this group contains all relevant documents for the class.

Registration via MeinCampus (please compare with Examination number).

Exam Review:



Presentation 50%, Seminar paper 50% (5 ECTS)

Examination Number:

63201 Fallstudienseminar

Teaching Material:

Please find all teaching material on StudOn.



Prof. Dr. Dirk Holtbrügge

  • Job title: Chairholder; Dean of International Affairs
  • Organization: Department of International Management
  • Phone number: +49 911 5302 452
  • Email: wiwi-im@fau.de
  • Consultation hours:
    Please make an appointment with the secretariat.

Responsible Assistant

Marc Oberhauser, M.Sc.

  • Job title: Teaching and Research Associate
  • Organization: Department of International Management
  • Phone number: +49 911 5302 486
  • Email: marc.oberhauser@fau.de
  • Consultation hours:
    by appointment

    • Case Studies in International Management
    • Learning Agreements Master Students