Research Projects in International Management II


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Analyzing Mentoring for Expatriates from both Mentor and Mentee Perspective

Most research on mentoring focuses on the mentee perspective only. In order to develop a holistic picture of mentoring, the aim of this research project is to explore how mentor and mentee perspective can differ and how synergies can be developed. Students will collect data on mentoring relationships in multinational companies from different countries. Students will be assisted by members of the department in analyzing the collected data. The project will enable them to identify and critically reflect problems in the area of international management research as well as apply advanced methods of research to solve these problems. The research project is not restricted to a specific geographical area. All interested students should contact Judith Ambrosius for more information and schedule an appointment.





Course Frequency:

summer term (SS) / winter term (WS)

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Submission of a seminar paper

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64901 Research Projects in International Management II



Prof. Dr. Dirk Holtbrügge

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Judith Ambrosius, M.Sc.

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  • Organization: Department of International Management
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    by appointment

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