Managing Intercultural Relations (IM III)


Information regarding COVID-19 pandemic: We are preparing for a digital start into summer term 2020. This course will take place digitally until further notice. Kindly note that this information may be subject to changes in the future. Please find further information on StudOn and stay attentive to our website.

Module Description:



1. Relevance of Intercultural Management

2. Intercultural Management Research: Scope and Results

3. Manifestations and Functions of Culture

4. Concepts of Culture

5. Intercultural Communication and Negotiations

6. Culture and Management: Organization, Motivation and Leadership in Different Cultures

7. Intercultural Competence

8. Intercultural Training

9. Conclusions

Intercultural differences have a great influence on management decisions and outcomes. For managers, intercultural competence is one of the most important requirements for working successfully in a global environment.

The course is aimed to understand the key concepts of intercultural management and to apply these concepts through a variety of practical examples and exercises. The regional emphasis is on Europe, Asia and the US.

Attendance: 45 h
Self-study: 105 h
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Managing Intercultural Relations (IM III) – SS 2019






Holtbrügge, D. (2019). Managing Intercultural Relations.”Mimeo.”




Course Frequency

Summer term (SS)

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Written exam, 60 min (60% open questions; 40% multiple choice questions)

Examination Number

34702 Managing Intercultural Relations (lecture/exam: 4 ECTS)

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Course Frequency:

Summer term (SS)

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Presentation and feedback (summer term)Seminar paper (Winter term):

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Examination Number:

34703 Managing Intercultural Relations (seminar: 1 ECTS)



Prof. Dr. Dirk Holtbrügge

Chairholder; Dean of International Affairs

Department of International Management

Consultation hours: Please make an appointment with the secretariat.

Responsible assistant

Laura Kirste, M.Sc.

Teaching and Research Associate

Department of International Management

Consultation hours: by appointment

  • Coordinator: Master in International Business Studies (MIBS)
  • International Management Solutions (IMS)
  • Managing Intercultural Relations (IM III)