Learning Agreements

In case you need approval for academic performance abroad (Learning Agreement), we ask that you get in touch with the people responsible at the department by E-mail, four weeks before the start of your stay abroad.

Answering the preceding questions can shorten the possibly significant waiting time at the consultation. In the best case scenario, an appearance in person is not even required when applying for a Learning Agreement. If, despite the answering of the questions, there are still ambiguities or the person responsible still needs to ask questions then they will get in contact. Otherwise you will receive notification regarding the possibility of the approval of the Learning Agreement via E-mail.

Please answer all specified questions in your E-Mail.

1) Your first name and surname?
2) Your course of studies?
3) Number of semesters studied before the studies abroad?
4) Which semester SS/WS or month/year are you going abroad?
5) The name of the host university? In which country?
6) In which area would you like to take courses during your time abroad (Diploma: SBWL, ABWL; Bachelor: International studies extension, International Business and Economics abroad)?
7) Which modules have you already taken at the department of International Management?
8) Do you have access to a current course program for your host university?
9) Which courses at the host university would you want to exchange for which courses from your studies here?


Upon return, an original copy of certification of studies as well as the learning agreement should be submitted to the person responsible for your level of studies. Please fill in your corresponding course into the “Request for approval of studies abroad”. After gaining approval from the person responsible, please return to the office for International Relations and then finally to the examination office.

For Bachelor students:

Nikhila Raghavan, B.Sc.

Teaching and Research Associate
Consultation hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays 14:00 - 16:00

  • Academic Coordinator: Bachelor of International Business Studies (IBS) (responsible for students who began their study in 2020/21 or later)
  • Learning Agreements Bachelor Students


For Master and Diploma students:

Dr. Marc Oberhauser

Teaching and Research Associate
Consultation hours: by appointment

  • Internationalisierung mittelständischer Unternehmungen
  • Case studies in International Management
  • Management in Emerging Markets
  • Advanced Methods of Management Research IV
  • Learning Agreements Master students

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