Start of our Sino-German research cooperation project

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The Department of International Management is pleased to announce the official start of a Sino-German research cooperation with the University of Nanjing and the Universities of Hamburg and Bayreuth in Germany. The cooperation is funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft and the Chinese Research Foundation and is established for a period of three years. By fostering the academic exchange between the participating universities, the cooperation is aimed at advancing the scientific research in the areas of the social and environmental responsibility of multinational companies.

Due to the pandemic situation and currently prevailing travel restrictions between China and Germany, the first workshop took place virtually via Zoom. Senior and junior scholars from the University of Nanjing as well as members of the Department of International Management presented their research studies, and discussed and agreed on various joint projects. The studies presented view corporate social and environmental responsibility from diverse perspectives, such as gender equality, institutional friction, or organizational reputation.

The team at the Department of International Management is very thankful for a fruitful and productive first exchange with our colleagues from China and already looking forward to the next virtual project meeting, scheduled for late August 2020.