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The Department of International Management is pleased to announce the official start of a Sino-German research cooperation with the University of Nanjing and the Universities of Hamburg and Bayreuth in Germany. The cooperation is funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft and the Chinese Research Foundation and is established for a period of three years.

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The joint research project “Apologize or Deny? How Companies Regain Stakeholder Legitimacy After Corporate Misconduct” written by Professor Dirk Holtbrügge, Marcus Conrad, M.Sc., and Marc Oberhauser, M.Sc. won the Best Paper Award in the Business 4 Society General Track.

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Members of the Department of International Management participated in a doctoral colloquium held at the Nanjing University in China hosted by Associate Professor Maoliang Bu, PhD on November 22, 2018. Moreover, they had the possibility to join one of Professor Bu’s research seminars with some of his...

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The members of the Department of International Management participated in two doctoral colloquia at the St. Petersburg State University of Economics on 25.09.2017 and the Higher School of Economics in Moscow on 28.09.2017. The research trip to Russia was financially supported by the Bavarian Academi...