EIBA Annual Conference 2021

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Members and alumni of the Department of International Management presented their research at the 47th EIBA Annual Conference in Madrid this year. The following presentations were held:

Theresa Bernhard: Organizational reputation in cross-border acquisitions.

Christina Heidemann: How employees solve the puzzle of information from diverse sources on a cross-border acquisition.

Marc Oberhauser, Laura Kirste, and Dirk Holtbrügge: How microfoundations impact the diffusion of CSR practices in global supply chains.

Nikhila Raghavan: Pollution Haven Hypothesis and Foreign Direct Investment in India.

Luisa Wicht: Virtual assignments – bridging distance through zooming.

EIBA vice-chair and alumnus of the department, Prof. Dr. Jonas Puck of WU Vienna Institute for International Business in Austria, facilitated a panel on “SDGs and Sustainable Development in Emerging markets” and, together with his co-authors, presented several papers.