Free Specialization Module

The Free Specialization Module (FSM) in the MIBS allows students to take electives of their choice within the Area studies.

A few rules apply that can be found below.

First, courses that are listed in the module handbook (MHB) in your respective Area are regular Area courses. Courses that cannot be found in the MHB are considered as FSM. FSM are only courses at FAU, abroad courses do not belong to this classification.

Next, please read the attached PDF files in detail that explain how the mechanism of the FSM accreditation works. The second file gives you an overview which courses have been accepted (the 2017 version is the most recent one, currently, no updates are made to this list).


In case you have found a course that was already accepted, please inform yourself at the respective department if the course is still offered and still open for MIBS students, in which terms the course is offered, and whether there are any restrictions on admission. If you have to write a paper for a course, it is mandatory that it is related to your chosen Area focus. If the course was recognized as an FSM before, it is necessary to visit the examination office (Mrs. Baumann) during the examination period and fill in a form that includes the course name and examination number. The examination office will register you for the course.

Once again, if you want to take a course not included in the FSM list yet, you will have to send a written statement to your Area program coordinator. This written statement needs to state why the respective course is suitable to your area and which objective you pursue by taking that course. The letter of two pages needs to contain the following information:

– First and last name of student

– Matriculation number of student

– Course name and chair / professor

– Course number / course unique ID (4 digits)

– Examination number(s) (5 digits)

Letters without those pieces of information cannot be processed.

When a course is accepted, you will get a learning agreement and the examination office will register you for the course within the examination period.


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