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Whoever said corporations do not care?
Evidence of CSR from India

Ritam Garg and Judith Ambrosius

The article “Whoever said corporations do not care? Evidence of CSR from India” by Ritam Garg and Judith Ambrosius will be published in the International Journal of Indian Culture and Business Management.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) entails a high level of commitment and resources, especially in emerging markets, since in most of these developing countries corporate social responsibility is still an emerging concept. In India, however, this concept has been prevalent for decades. This paper examines the role of CSR activities adopted by modern Indian firms through the lens of the ancient Indian concept of ‘giving’. In doing so, this study argues that Indian firms deploy corporate social responsibility to not only to comply with good governance, business ethics, human rights, and or the environment, but also to focus on the overall nation building. In the wake of increasing internationalisation of Indian firms, it provides a descriptive exposition explore, based on select cases of Indian firms, how the ancient Indian practice of ‘giving’ is still relevant in the modern management context.