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Professor Dr. Tatjana Nikitina taught a two-week course on management in Russia in November 2020. Prof. Nikitina from the Saint-Petersburg State University of Economics is an experienced scholar in the field. The course was focused on the Russian culture and economy and students from the bachelor in...

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Laura Kirste gewinnt beim Alex-Lehrpreis in der Kategorie Best-of-schnell-digital! Mit dem schnell-digital!-Lehrpreis ALEX sollen besonders gelungene und hochwertige digitale Lehrangebote in sechs verschiedenen Kategorien gewürdigt werden. Eine überwältigende Anzahl von Einreichungen ging dazu in...

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The article "Decoupling in CSR reports: A linguistic content analysis of the Volkswagen ‘Dieselgate’ scandal" by Marcus Conrad and Professor Dr. Dirk Holtbrügge has been published.

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The book chapter "Huawei at Bay? A View on Dependency Theory in the Information Age" by Laura Kirste and Professor Dr. Dirk Holtbrügge has been accepted for publication.

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The Department of International Management is pleased to announce the official start of a Sino-German research cooperation with the University of Nanjing and the Universities of Hamburg and Bayreuth in Germany. The cooperation is funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft and the Chinese Research Foundation and is established for a period of three years.

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It's time to start thinking about winter term 2020/21! To make the planning process easier for our students, we have already compiled a list of our courses for the upcoming term. Read this article for more information.

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A warm welcome to Nikhila Raghavan and lots of good wishes on becoming part of the Chair of International Management.